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We’ve Tried 4 Linq Alternatives - Here’s Our In-depth Feedback - Tapni Europe

We’ve Tried 4 Linq Alternatives - Here’s Our In-depth Feedback

If you've looked for digital business cards online, you’ve probably already heard about Linq. 

You might even have tried it. 

There are plenty of providers out there that are offering great alternatives to the Linq digital business card. 

But not all of them are the most suitable solutions for your needs.

So choosing the one that fits your needs can be challenging.

Don’t worry.

This article reviews 4 Linq alternatives that we tried ourselves to give you in-depth feedback on them.

Each business card can stand on its own, offering you rewarding opportunities. 

We will cover everything from value to costs, as well as benefits and drawbacks. 

Read on to get access to a number of great digital business card solutions!

Linq Digital Business Card - Overview


Linq has been one of the top leaders in the specialty of NFC digital business cards. 

Linq provides various products, including custom cards, tags, badges, and Apple wristbands with NFC integration to help people improve their networking. 

Most enticingly, Linq offers flexible software subscriptions that companies can adjust to help them manage their team endeavors veritably.

Furthermore, electronic business cards characterized by your brand's name, logo, and hues might be personalized courtesy of Linq.

Imagine a digital business card so much more than a simple exchange of contact information.

With Linq cards, you can evoke a powerful, enduring peroration about your personal brand. 

At the same time, turning it into an outlet for instantly showcasing your work on demand, regardless of location.

So what are some of the best Linq features?

Linq - Key Features

Some of the remarkable benefits that you'll get from Linq include the following:

  • Free profiles with a fresh, refined design with plentiful possibilities for administering your brand. 
  • With Linq Pro, you are able to integrate videos, music, calendar applications, and more into your profile.
  • Marketing analytics via Linq teams - this feature enables you to monitor clicks, generate fresh leads, etc., letting you gauge your company’s growth. 

Linq’s Advantages

✔️ Multiple highly polished surfaces to select from. 

✔️ Ability to purchase Near Field Communication badges. 

✔️ Digitalized name cards enabled facilitating communication with customers to be simpler and more entertaining.

✔️ Myriads of images offered so you can personalize the card. 

✔️ Superior quality materials utilized in composition. 

✔️ Presenting 8+ alternate hues available for each option. 

Linq’s Shortcomings

❌ Linq isn't as intuitive as other solutions since learning and understanding how to change/alter things takes some time.

❌ The background shade is white, giving off a generically basic look for the landing page.

❌ Metallic finish business cards possessing NFC functions cannot boast the same level of customizability as other cards.

❌ Doesn't allow for customization of the scheduled notifications.


The standard profile can be availed of without cost. Yet, the Pro option renders further amenities, such as comprehensive evaluation and video, offered at a price of $5.00 monthly

4 Best Linq Alternatives To Consider in 2024

1. Tapni - Flexible Digital Business Card For Your Business


Tapni is an all-in-one networking solution and one of the best Linq alternatives that provide you with high-quality digital business cards that are easy to customize.

Our digital business cards allow you to promote your business and improve your networking game without printing paper business cards and the need to keep them in your wallet/purse. 

Furthermore, you can easily tweak information on and change your digital business card on a whim, eliminating the need to order new physical cards.

Our platform provides you with an eye-catching digital card allowing for an exceptional portrayal of your brand.

Additionally, due to its digital nature, you can insert things such as web links or social media accounts, thus presenting a complete overview of who you are.

Tapni app works on iPhone and Android.

Tapni - Key Features

Some of the best features that Tapni provides you with are:

  • Easily customize your cards and adapt them according to your brand.
  • Simplify your data sharing by using NFC, and QR code technology.
  • Allows you to manage all your employee profiles and automate management tasks by assigning links to all users, streamlining workflow, and implementing “When X, then Y” activities.
  • Tapni app allows you to update your profile anytime and include whatever link you want on your profile
  • Using the Tapni app, you can easily export your connections to CSV or import them to your CRM system using some of our native integrations, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, and so on.

Tapni’s  Advantages

✔️ Provides you with different ways to share information

✔️ Provides you with fast shipping for Europe-based customers

✔️ Allows you to collect contact information from others by letting them fill out the simple forms

✔️ Enables you to customize your product without any limitations.

✔️ Not required to install an app to share and access information.

✔️ Provides you with a powerful dashboard and actionable analytics insights that enable you to track your activities, discover new insights and improve actions accordingly

Tapni’s Shortcomings

❌ Currently, it doesn’t provide US storage, so shipping to those countries is slower.


Tapni’s standard digital business card price starts at 24.90€, while the customized ones start at 39.90€.

2. TapTok


TapTok, distinct from the other options, offers “tap-of-the-button” ease as it shares all business info with two of its well-known products, NFC cards and “dots.” 

There is no need for an app. Once you share your data, your contact details are added to the contacts list on iPhones and Android devices belonging to customers and partners. 

What’s nice about TapTok is that the dots don't just act as stickers. They double as a phone stand instead. 

It allows you to replace your preexisting device mount to capture shots or have meetings over the phone by using this convenient two-in-one product.

TapTok - Key Features

The features offered by TapTok include the following:

  • Setting up your profile with various forms of contact information with just one click.
  • For phones not presenting NFC capability, there is a unique QR code incorporated that can be utilized.
  • No subscription is required - the purchase price is a single payment.
  • Though basic, the style leaves limitations to features such as CRM integration, video insertions, and expansive analytics.

TapTok’s Advantages

✔️ No need to subscribe or pay a recurring fee;

✔️ Total refund of money if you’re not delighted with the product & service;

✔️ No need to download or install an app to use the cards;

✔️ NFC tags or dots provided.

TapTok’s Shortcomings

❌ A Dots card can cost more than an ordinary NFC Business Card, so make sure to pick your design wisely 

❌ The image may be difficult to make out if it is personalized.


The fee is only required to be paid once, so no ongoing payment plan is necessary. Prices range from $29.99 to $79.99 for cards and $19.99 for a dot.

3. Blinq


Blinq is an innovative digital business card service that has totally changed how individuals exchange contact info. 

Blinq is highly user-friendly and quite simple to use. 

Plus, its digital card apps can keep you apprised with information about who has received and last seen your card. 

In addition, Blinq provides you with various customization capabilities while customizing your cards.
From changing fonts, colors, logos, and backgrounds accordingly to adding links to your social networks.

Blinq - Key Features

Some of the best features that Blinq provides you with are:

  • Incredibly convenient, easy, and fast way to share information.  
  • You don’t need to have the Blinq application installed to receive other people’s cards.
  • You can easily track all of your active cards from one central dashboard and synchronize the details onto a physical card.
  • Sharing can be done using QR codes and imprinting them onto virtual meetings' backgrounds, enabling you to obtain your details easily. 
  • You can easily customize the look of your cards to correspond with your brand.
  • Allows you to integrate it into different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools such as Salesforce.

Blinq’s Advantages

✔️ Creating stylish digital business cards is straightforward

✔️ This product stands out as one of the few with an Apple Watch app feature. 

✔️ It carries a reasonable price tag.

Blinq’s Shortcomings

❌ No printed business cards containing QR codes are available.

❌ Although it functions as a link-in-bio option on Instagram, fewer design options are offered compared to other service providers.


Blinq offers complimentary 2 cards with the free plan. Afterward, for $2.99 per month, you receive 5 corporate cards as part of their paid plans. There is also an Enterprise plan that is recommended for 500+ cards.

4. Mobilo card


Mobilo has developed a smart business card as an alternate solution. 

Mobilo cards are created from PET plastic, enabling you to customize them using a blurred pattern and including your logo. 

There are likewise Wood and Metal options utilizing ethically supplied with stainless steel for members who would like something special.

Mobilo provides low-price cards and a convenient way to exchange contact information by using NFC tagging and QR codes that open substantial links

Simply tapping the card against a phone functioning on the Mobilo platform quickly populates a contact field by automatically mirroring all user-inputted communications details. 

Mobilo - Key Features

Some of the best features that Mobile provides its users with:

  • Provides you with prints on regular or business card paper in either color or monochrome. 
  • Easily customize them with your logo, contact information, and personalized design. 
  • It provides an NFC chip to help you easily share your information.
  • No software is needed since it's web-based. 
  • Store contacts in a single place using CRM integrations.

Mobilo card’s Advantages

✔️ High-quality customer assistance is the first thing that makes Mobilo stand out

✔️ Prints are available on regular paper or professional card-weight material

✔️ No software installation is required since it's online

✔️Allows you to include all the links necessary for connecting and networking your business.

✔️ It enables you to analyze detailed data, website analysis, and integration of CRMs

Mobilo card’s Shortcomings

❌ A yearly license is needed to use the Enterprise version and benefit from its data analytics, CRM sync, and lead management capabilities.


Mobilo NFC plastic business cards' price starts at $7.00, while customized ones you can buy start from $29.00

Mobilo offers a package of NFC business cards and an annual subscription option that costs a $20.00 initial fee, with a $29.00 per year recurring fee.

Choose The Best Linq Alternative For Your Needs

Linq may not be the ending point for those searching for a remarkable digital business card since other Linq alternatives discussed in the article might satisfy such requirements. 

These platforms have gained great admiration from users and are reliable companies recognizing standards of value, promise, and accuracy. 

We have confidence that going through our list of Linq alternatives will equip you with multiple options to consider and choose an excellent business card.

If you’re looking for a cheap solution, maybe you should consider Mobilo NFC business cards.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an all-in-one networking solution that will support all your needs, Tapni is a solution for you.

Its customizing options will help you promote your brand in the best way possible. 

At the same time, CRM integrations and automation will enable you to store your data in one place and contact your connections effortlessly.

So if you’re ready to improve your networking game, choose the Tapni digital business card that fits you best, customize it and start connecting at scale today.


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