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6 Best Digital Business Card Ideas To Inspire You

Nowadays, having a traditional paper business card with your contact details printed on it can seem a bit outdated.

Therefore, digital business cards are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses look for new and efficient ways to market themselves.

They are interactive, shareable, and open up a world of possibilities for personalization and networking. 

As a result, you can further enhance these digital interactions with customers as they become familiarized with your brand.

So, whether you’re just starting up a business or revamping an existing one, good digital business card ideas can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas for creating an eye-catching digital business card!

What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is an online representation of your personal brand and career which you can use to connect with potential employers, colleagues, contacts, etc.

In that respect, it is much more than a traditional business card. 


Because besides distributing contact info, the digital business card enables you to showcase personal experiences that may be difficult to demonstrate on paper or in person.

There are no set rules on what information a digital business card must include. Still, some of the usual elements are:

  • your contact information
  • social media links
  • resume/CV
  • certificates
  • portfolio pieces
  • and other relevant achievements or skills.

In addition, it can also include photos or logos.

Using digital business cards allows you to easily create and manage a vibrant professional identity that makes connections and builds relationships no matter where you are.

And not only that.

With digital business cards, you can create great digital impressions on potential customers with highly customizable digital content that interacts directly with them.

But to maximize their potential, let’s show you the 6 best digital business card ideas to get you started.

6 Best Digital Business Card Ideas

The info you’ll include in your digital business card depends on your industry and line of work. 

But regardless of that, all digital business cards should leave a lasting impression.

Here are some digital business card ideas to help you create a captivating digital business card.

1. Create an Online Profile

Creating an online profile is one of the best ways to make your digital business card stand out. 

You can include links to:

  • your portfolio website, 
  • blog, 
  • Twitter account, or any other social media platform you use. 


It is a great way to provide more information about your work and accomplishments. Plus, new contacts can get in touch with you more quickly and easily if they find something they like.

2. Include Your Logo & Branding Elements

Adding branding elements such as logos and fonts to your digital business card will make it memorable and help people recognize your brand. 

With an app like Tapni, you can add logo and your brand colors effortlessly in a few clicks.


You can upload a photo, add text, choose fonts and styes, choose the adequate color from the color palette, etc.

Speaking of colors, you can benefit from color psychology to create a more powerful visual impact by choosing colors that evoke specific emotions in the viewer.

For example, red for confidence or blue for trustworthiness.

3. Make It Interactive

Digital business cards don’t have to be static documents.

On the contrary, you can make them interactive by adding videos or audio clips that introduce yourself and showcase your work via testimonials. 

This type of content will keep viewers engaged and give them a better sense of who you are before they even reach out via email or phone. 


However, making your digital business card interactive doesn’t necessarily mean adding lots of bells and whistles—sometimes less is more when it comes to design decisions. 

4. Incorporate a QR Code

You should incorporate a QR code because it allows customers and clients to scan and save your contact information easily.


Furthermore, a QR code lets you track how many people are scanning your card.

And the best thing is that it’s super easy to create a QR code with the help of numerous QR generators.

You only have to input your contact information. The QR code generator will create a QR code you can download and print on your business card.

Tapni makes this process even easier because it automatically generates a QR code. What does this mean?

It saves your time and you don’t have to think about it while creating your business card.

5. Personalize Your Digital Business Card

Personalizing your digital business card is a great way to stand out among other users or competitors.

By adding thoughtful details such as:

  • your photo
  • design elements representing your personal brand 
  • a catchy but professional tagline
  • a motivational or inspirational quote
  • hobbies or interests, etc.,

you’ll be able to make a lasting first impression on everyone who views your card.

Moreover, since business cards are digital, you can update them easily - at any time and without spending extra money on printing new ones.

So don’t be afraid to be creative and show your authentic personality and what makes you tick.

6. Use Apps like Tapni to Get Started

Many apps can help you create a digital business card. They all have unique features, so it’s essential to see which will suit your needs the most.

However, if you are on the hunt for an app that provides more flexibility regarding customization and automated workflows, Tapni could be a perfect match.

Tapni is an app that provides services for streamlining and optimizing your company's digital presence, internal organization, marketing, etc.


Tapni uses NFC technology and the QR code, allowing quick and easy information transfer between devices.

With Tapni, you can also:

  • Get valuable insights within the advanced analytics. For example, you can monitor your team's performance, measure the ROI of events, etc.


  • Automate lead generation and automatically send new leads to your CRM.



Thus, Tapni offers high-level customization and personalization of your digital business card.

Wrapping It Up

In the ever-evolving business world, digital business cards offer a new way to make an impression and stay connected. 

From automatically entering a customer's contact information into your contact list to offering an array of customization options, digital business cards have the potential to set your businesses apart from the competition. 

Furthermore, Tapni is:

  • convenient
  • cost-effective
  • have CRM integrations (Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive and Microsoft Dynamics 365)
  • eco-friendly, and
  • can be shared with ease whether you’re in-person or online. 

In addition, digital business cards can help you grow your brand recognition and provide easy access to important company info like your website or social media channels.

So, are you interested in exploring endless opportunities when it comes to networking?

Download the Tapni app and create a highly personalized digital business card that makes powerful impressions that last.

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