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Top 10 Virtual Networking Tips To Connect at Scale

For a few years now, virtual networking has become the new normal. 

And although in-person events and meetings are still popular, their virtual counterparts opened the door to global networking and, therefore, more business opportunities.

But how can you ensure your virtual interactions are as effective as face-to-face ones? Well, with the help of our virtual networking tips.

Join us as we share our top 10 tips for virtual networking success, from making a great first impression to following up after a conversation.


Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Virtual Networking Tips to Expand Your Network

1. Polish Your Virtual Profile

Having a polished virtual profile is crucial for successful virtual networking since your online presence can either make or break your first impression. 

Therefore, it is important to take the time to clean up and optimize your profiles.

Start by reviewing each of your social media accounts individually and check if the information on your profiles is accurate, consistent, and professional across all platforms. 

This includes updating your bio, adding a high-quality profile picture and cover photo, and any other relevant details such as work experience or education.

ProTip: Did you know that with digital solutions, such as Tapni, you can create multiple profiles you can edit and tweak as needed?


2. Be Present on Social Media

You don’t have to start big and be present on all channels immediately. Instead, focus on the platforms you’re already active on and think about the type of content you post.

You want to make sure everything you share aligns with how you want to be perceived professionally.

Therefore, avoid posting anything controversial or offensive that could potentially harm your reputation.

3. Establish Your Online Presence

Equally important as publishing your content is commenting, sharing feedback, asking questions, etc., on relevant people’s profiles.


like and comment on their posts when appropriate, 

share relevant articles or resources that might interest them, and 

✨ keep an eye out for opportunities where you can offer value in some way.

It will help you get noticed and show your expertise and knowledge.

4. Join Relevant Groups

Joining relevant groups is an important way to connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests. 


Whether it's a professional association or a hobby group, being part of the right community can provide valuable opportunities for virtual networking.

When looking for groups to join, consider your goals and target audience

Look for groups that align with your industry or area of expertise, as well as those that attract potential clients or customers.

Note: Before joining a group, double-check if it is really an active one and has regular events where attendees can meet virtually.

5. Introduce Yourself

When joining a group or attending a virtual event, introduce yourself in a friendly manner and participate in discussions regularly. 

Moreover, share insights or ask questions related to the topic.

On the other hand, don’t forget also to offer help when possible - this will help establish you as someone who is a knowledgeable and valuable member of the community.

6. Attend Free Virtual Conferences and Events

One of the most powerful ways to network virtually is by attending free virtual conferences and events

These online gatherings provide a great opportunity for professionals to meet new people, learn from industry experts, and expand their knowledge base.

For a free solution you can always use Google Meet. However if you are looking for more advanced solutions, Sweap is a good choice.


When searching for virtual conferences and events, you should consider those that match your interests and career goals. 

Thus, look for events that focus on topics you’re passionate about or areas where you’d like to grow your skills.

Note: If you host a virtual event and have a Tapni profile, you can set its QR code as the virtual background

By scanning the code, the attendees will immediately get more info about you and will be able to connect with you easily.

7. Connect With People You Know

Start from your inner circle: former colleagues, classmates, and even friends and family members. 

You may be surprised at how many potential connections are right at your fingertips.

If we are to believe the 6 Degrees of Separation Theory, we are all just 6 connections away from each other.

Word of Advice:  Before you start sending out connection requests left and right, take the time to personalize each request. 

For example, include a brief message reminding them how you know each other or mentioning something specific that caught your attention about their profile.

Note: Connecting with people you know is just the first step in building meaningful relationships online. 

Keep nurturing those connections over time by staying engaged and finding ways to help one another succeed.

8. Diversify Your Network

Although most of your connections will be from your or related industries, expand your horizons and engage with people across industries.

Try to find a common interest, hobby, etc., that will open the door to conversation.

9. Get Involved in the Conversation

Whether engaging with others on social media, forums, or by joining and attending virtual events, one of the key things to do is get involved in the conversation.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to jump into the conversation. Share your thoughts and opinions, ask questions, etc.

By contributing valuable insights to the discussion, you'll connect more easily with others with similar interests.

What’s more, you can establish yourself as a thought leader within your field while building meaningful relationships with others who can help propel your career forward.

10. Follow Up

Connecting isn’t enough for successful networking. In order to benefit from new connections, you must follow up.

Interestingly, this is where most people fail and don’t reach out further. 

Staying in touch with your new contacts after the event or initial connections is essential for building and nurturing relationships.

ProTip: Did you know that theTapni app directly sends your contacts to your CRM so you can set a follow-up reminder?

This is it, folks!

Our 10 virtual networking tips should get you started in no time. 

However, to maximize your networking, may we suggest a digital solution that takes networking a few notches higher?

How Can Tapni Boost Your Networking?

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🔥 and so much more.

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1. What are The Top 3 Networking Tips?

You should establish your presence, be proactive and helpful when engaging, and you should follow up.

2. How Can I Be Less Awkward at Networking?

Do the research on the event, speakers, and attendees to get a clear picture of what to expect and find common ground. 

In addition, look for another solo person to break the ice. Don’t shy away from jumping into the conversation and sharing your thoughts.

3. What are Some Good Networking Questions?

Questions related to the event’s topic and professional questions are the most common ones. 

However, questions regarding hobbies and common interests can also serve as great icebreakers. 

  • “Is this your first time attending this conference?”
  • “What session have you most enjoyed so far?”
  • “What do you do in your spare time?”
  • “Have you been doing much traveling lately?”

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