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DMEXCO 2023: Review by Startup Exhibitor - Tapni®

DMEXCO 2023: Review by Startup Exhibitor

Last month, we had the incredible opportunity to participate in DMEXCO, Europe's leading digital marketing and tech event held in the city of Cologne, Germany 🇩🇪.

We wanted to share our thrilling journey with you, so buckle up and get ready to dive into our unforgettable experience!

The Exhibition

At the heart of DMEXCO, we showcased our innovative solution, Tapni, which revolutionizes the way business cards are exchanged and networking is done.

Our CEO, Mihajlo Nikodijevic, Head of Sales Christopher Kwo, and Stefan Ilic, our talented Software Developer, were the faces of Tapni, demonstrating the efficiency of digital business cards in lead generation during conferences.

CEO, Mihajlo Nikodijevic, Stefan Ilic, Software Developer, Head of Sales, Christopher Kwo

Positive Impressions 🌟

The moment we stepped into DMEXCO, we were captivated by the professional organization and the presence of remarkable speakers.

The event buzzed with energy, offering an ideal platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Here are some highlights from our incredible journey:

  • Great Exhibitors: We were surrounded by inspiring exhibitors who showcased their cutting-edge solutions and shared their expertise. It was an honor to be among such esteemed professionals.
  • Exceptional Support: The DMEXCO team provided outstanding support throughout our journey. We had weekly Q&A calls months before the exhibition, and we must give a special shoutout to Jan and Joakim for their unwavering guidance and support.
  • Efficient Mobile App: The DMEXCO mobile app was a game-changer. It enabled us to effortlessly collect leads, collaborate with our team, and export the data after the event. All we had to do was scan the QR codes of other attendees, and voila!
  • Free Metro Transport Ticket: DMEXCO went the extra mile by providing us with a complimentary Metro Transport Ticket. This thoughtful gesture made navigating Cologne a breeze.

Tapni CEO and Tapni Software Developer with an event attendee

Areas for Improvement 📈

While our experience at DMEXCO was overwhelmingly positive, we believe in continuous growth and improvement.

Here are some areas we identified for enhancement:

  • Increasing Attendance: We are eager to see DMEXCO attract more attendees and visitors in the future. The more diverse the crowd, the richer the networking opportunities.
  • Badge Design: We felt that the white badge design was lacking in visual appeal. It would be fantastic to have badges with different colors to distinguish between various audience segments, such as Investors, Startups, and Exhibitors, as seen in events like Websummit.
  • Startup Booth Setup: Our experience taught us that standing booths are more effective than sitting ones. We noticed that visitors hesitated to approach booths where someone was sitting. A small adjustment that can make a significant impact! 
  • Improved Startup Banner: Our vertical banner design was not as visible as we had hoped. We recommend exploring more eye-catching designs that can be seen from multiple angles.

Tapni Software Developer talking with event attendees

Preparing for DMEXCO: Tips & Tricks ✨

We learned a lot during our preparation for DMEXCO, and we want to share some valuable insights with fellow entrepreneurs and startups who plan to attend similar conferences:

1. Reserve Your Booth Early: To secure your spot at DMEXCO, make sure to reserve your booth well in advance. Last-minute attempts might not yield positive results, as this highly sought-after event tends to sell out quickly.

2. Grab a Speaker Slot: Take advantage of the opportunity to present your solution at DMEXCO. The startup area, although small, is a bustling hub of activity, and it provides an excellent platform to showcase your innovative ideas.

3. Spread the Word: Generate excitement around your exhibition by announcing it on various platforms. We found that creating a compelling LinkedIn post one week before the conference helped create a buzz and attract attention.

4. Arrive Early: Conferences can be exhausting, and a good night's sleep before the event is crucial. Plan your travel accordingly to ensure you arrive at least one day before DMEXCO kicks off.

5. Upgrade Your Business Cards: Say goodbye to traditional paper business cards and embrace the digital era of networking! With Tapni's NFC technology, you can easily share your contact details, portfolio, and social media links with just a tap. Upgrade to a Tapni digital business card today!

Head of Sales of Tapni holding Tapni Custom Bamboo Card

Post-Conference Actions 📝

The journey doesn't end when the conference concludes.

Here are some essential steps you should take after DMEXCO:

1. Follow up with Your Leads: Remember the stack of business cards you collected? Don't let them gather dust! Follow up with your leads promptly. If you used Tapni for Business, you can centralize all your team leads in one place and export them directly to your CRM. Tapni seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics.

2. Share Your Experience: Boost your credibility and establish trust by sharing your DMEXCO experience on LinkedIn and your company blog. By showcasing yourself as a legitimate and trustworthy partner, you'll leave a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. Check out our inspiring LinkedIn post for inspiration

3. Plan for the Future: Secure your spot for next year's DMEXCO by planning and reserving your booth well in advance. By doing so, you'll ensure you secure the best price and position for your exhibition.


Our experience at DMEXCO was nothing short of extraordinary. We met incredible professionals, gained valuable insights, and showcased our groundbreaking solution.

We hope you enjoyed this thrilling journey alongside us. If you're planning to exhibit at the next conference and need assistance, feel free to reach out to us on Social Media 😊

Our next stop: GITEX: The World's Largest Startup Show - October 12th, 2023, Dubai 🇦🇪

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