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Maintain branding with custom profile templates and bulk editing.
Boost your online image with a personalized domain for your digital business card.
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Turn your digital business card into a one-stop bio link page for easy access.
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Enjoy secure and reliable hosting services from IONOS.
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Custom Domains for Your Digital Business Card and Link in Bio

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Answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a custom domain for my Tapni digital business card?

Yes, absolutely! With Tapni's collaboration with Ionos, you can now use a custom domain for your digital business card. Elevate your professional image with a personalized domain that reflects your brand.

What are the benefits of using a custom domain for my digital business card?

Using a custom domain adds a professional touch to your digital presence:

  • It enhances your brand recognition
  • and makes it easier for clients and contacts to find and remember you online!

Create a lasting impression with a personalized link for your digital business card. Perfect for professionals, influencers, and entrepreneurs seeking to stand out.

How do I connect my digital business card to a custom domain?

Connecting your Tapni digital business card to a custom domain is simple.

In your Tapni App:
Go to "More"
Click on "Custom domain"

After purchasing your custom domain through Ionos, you can easily link it to your profile (digital business card) through our user-friendly dashboard.

Are there any additional fees for using a custom domain?

Tapni does not charge any additional fees for using a custom domain with your digital business card.

However, you have to be Tapni PRO or Tapni MAX user in order to be able to purchase the custom domain through Ionos, which involves separate pricing.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is an advanced, eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards, designed for the digital age.

It's a virtual card, a mini website, that you can easily share via email, social media, NFC, or QR codes. It includes essential contact detailsā€”your name, position, and companyā€”plus, it offers the flexibility to add interactive elements like website links, social media profiles, and multimedia.

Digital business cards are not only environmentally friendly and cost-effective but also easily customizable, making them an essential tool for modern networking.

How Do Digital Business Cards Work?

Digital business cards streamline networking by digitizing your contact details.

Create your card using Tapni App, customize it with your branding, and add your contact details and info you want to share.

Share it digitally with anyone, or with a Tapni NFC Smart Products and they can instantly add your information to their contacts and share theirs back with you. Itā€™s an environmentally friendly, quick, and simple way to network.

How does Tapni handle data privacy and security?

At Tapni, we take data privacy and security very seriously. We host our servers on AWS, which is a secure and reliable cloud computing platform, and our data center is located in Frankfurt. Additionally, we have an in-house data protection officer who ensures that all our processes and procedures comply with relevant data protection regulations. We are GDPR compliant and currently in the process of obtaining ISO27001 certification.

We guarantee that your data is fully secure and never shared with any unauthorized parties. Our team maintains strict measures to safeguard your data, and we follow industry-standard security practices to ensure its protection.

If you would like more information on our data protection policies, please refer to our our