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Popl vs.Tappie - Which One to Choose in 2024?

The era of digital business cards, where a simple tap or click can seamlessly connect professionals and leave a lasting impression, has transformed the networking game.

Furthermore, the digital business card market size is expected to reach multimillion USD by 2029, so you can only imagine how fierce the competition is.

In this sea of plenty, Popl and Tappie represent two different but popular solutions among professionals.

Which one might work better for you? If you are unsure, read on to determine the outcome of the Popl vs.Tappie challenge and see which fits your needs better.

Let’s dive in!

Popl: Overview


Popl is a digital business card platform that offers a variety of digital products, together with more advanced features for teams and businesses.

In addition, Popl is one of the rare solutions that offers products in bundles. However, you can’t create your bundle, but choose from a duo, 3-, 5-, and 25-pack bundles.

Popl integrates with Zapier, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Entra ID, etc., and is compatible with iOS and Android.

Popl: Key Features

1. Digital Products

Popl has a variety of products:


  • Digital Business Cards: a Popl Card, a Popl Lux Card, a Metal Card, a Custom Card, and bundles.
  • Popl PhoneCard™, 
  • Apple Watch bands
  • Rope bands, 
  • Sports bands, 
  • Badges and keychains,
  • Popl Display, etc.

Besides Popl Lux Cards, all the other cards are only available in black or white. Thus, in terms of color customization, the color choice is rather limited.

On the other hand, if you design a Custom Card, you can upload the logo or other visuals, different text colors, and layout.

Regardless of the card type, they all have a dynamic QR code on the back.

2. Digital Profile

Popl’s App, where you can create your digital profile, is user-friendly, although it tends to crash occasionally. 


Customization options regarding color are greater here: you can choose from 8 color themes in addition to the color palette.

Furthermore, you can color link icons, too.

Naturally, you can upload your logo, picture, cover photo, etc.

The central part of the dashboard is where you customize and update your digital profile and include:

The left sidebar contains information such as contacts, accessories, analytics, integrations, and settings.

3. Features for Teams and Businesses

Popl focuses on providing robust features for teams and businesses, ranging from better team organization to analytics and tracking.

  • Team Management features- Allow you to automatically sync members from your company directory or import member data via CSV files. 
  • You can also create multiple admins, subteams, roles, etc.

    • Lead Capture - When you share your info with a new contact, a pop-up will appear asking them to fill in their info depending on your settings.


  • Business Card Scanner - Scans and converts paper business cards into their digital counterparts.
  • Analytics and tracking tools - Show the number of views and new connections, the number of times people clicked the links in your profile, etc.
  • 4. Sharing Options

    Popl offers a multitude of sharing options: via email, social media links, text messages, Airdrop, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, iPhone widgets, etc.

    Popl: Pricing

    Popl offers 1 Free and 3 Premium Plans, each with a 14-day Free Trial.


    Popl: Pros & Cons

    Popl: Pros

    🟢 Offers multiple integrations.

    🟢 Has a variety of digital sharing options.

    🟢 Has robust features for teams and businesses.

    Popl: Cons

    🔴 Has an occasionally unstable app.

    🔴 The lack of customization for digital products.

    🔴 Can get pricey for teams.

    Overall, Popl offers a variety of powerful features and can be a good option if you need more business rather than customization features.

    Tappie: Overview


    Tappie is a digital solution that enables you to share and exchange your contact info with a tap.

    Unlike Popl, Tappie doesn’t offer digital business cards or a wider range of digital products, but it compensates with a variety of NFC-chipped digital tags.

    Although tags don’t have a QR code, you can get one once you create your digital Tappie profile.

    Tappie: Key Features

    1. Digital Products

    Tappie provides a wide array of NFC-equipped tags in 5 basic colors.

    However, since tags are the only product Tappie offers, the variety of patterns and designs you can use is greater compared to competitors.

    For example, you can choose from different marble options, fusions, themes, and textures.


    On the downside, you can’t customize any of the stickers.

    2. Digital Profile

    Creating a digital Tappie profile is straightforward - you need to choose your Username and password and provide an email address.

    Afterward, you fill in the usual things: your name, last name, location, and phone number.

    You can also upload your image.


    In addition, you can include your bio and various link types: social media links, payment links, website, email address, music, messaging, and WhatsApp links.


    There is also an option to turn on the Direct On option, showing a desired link next to your profile image.


    In addition, in the top right corner of your digital profile, you also get a non-customizable QR code that leads to your digital profile when scanned.

    As an individual user, there aren’t any customization options you can use, like changing colors, for example. 

    On the other hand, if you want to set up a Business profile, you can use custom colors, fonts, and images.

    3. Features for Teams and Businesses

    Although Tappie allows customization for business profiles, it doesn’t provide additional and more advanced features such as tracking, analytics, metrics, etc. 

    4. Sharing Options

    With Tappie, you can share your info by:

    • Tapping
    • Scanning, and
    • URL sending.

    Tappie: Pricing

    Tappie doesn’t have subscription plans, so the price you pay is for the products, ranging from $20-$30.

    Tappie: Pros & Cons

    Tappie: Pros

    🟢 Easy to set up and use.

    🟢 Has a variety of digital tags.

    🟢 Affordable since it doesn’t have a subscription plan.

    Tappie: Cons

    🔴 Hardly any to no customization options.

    🔴 The lack of other type of digital products.

    🔴 Doesn’t have any advanced features.

    Popl vs.Tappie: The Final Verdict




    Digital Products

    Has a variety

    Only NFC tags

    Customization Options

    Limited for digital products but more advanced for a digital profile

    Hardly any to none

    Features for Teams and Businesses

    Yes, has a robust set of features.

    Doesn’t have any.

    Sharing Options


    Multiple, but less than Popl


    Can get pricey


    Popl and Tappie are two almost entirely different digital solutions. 

    While Popl focuses more on teams and businesses and features catering to their needs, Tappie provides basic info and contact sharing.

    Therefore, Tappie can be a good choice if you need quick and budget-friendly info-sharing without whistles and bells. 

    On the other hand, if you’d like more robust features and have the budget, Popl makes a more logical choice.

    But what if there’s a solution that takes the best from Tappie and Popl’s worlds and provides more customization options both for digital products and profiles?

    Enter, Tapni! 🚀

    Why Should You Tap Into Tapni?

    Tapni is an all-encompassing digital solution transforming networking by providing highly customizable digital products and powerful advanced business features. 

    Tapni provides fully customizable digital business cards with the broadest color selection.


    In addition, all cards come with an NFC chip and a customizable QR code, as well as text editing options, logo and image upload, background change, etc.

    Tapni offers digital products ranging from Tapni Standee and wristbands to keychains.

    Fully customizable digital profile that includes various link types: 

    • Direct and custom links sending your audience to the page or social media channel you desire.
    • Link- in -bio that collects all your important links in one place, etc.

    QRCode Toolkit that allows you to create AI-generated QR codes you can further edit and customize.


    Regarding business features, You can use Zapier to sync your data if you store contact info within the Tapni Teams App. Thus, Tapni comes with CRM integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.

    Robust tracking and analytics tools providing insights into the number of scans, card performance, views, ROI at events, top performers, etc.

    Lead generation tools consisting of AI Business Card Scanner, lead capture forms, automated follow-up, etc., which send your contacts directly to your CRM.

    Team management tools that enable smooth onboarding of new team members via connecting Microsoft Azure, Google, or Slack Employee Directory

    Multiple sharing options via scanning, tapping, URL sending, as an email signature, etc.

    And so much more.

    Intrigued to give Tapni a go?

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