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7 Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts to Delight Your Clients and Partners - Tapni®

7 Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts to Delight Your Clients and Partners

Hey there, friends!

The holiday season is all about showing gratitude and strengthening our business relationships.

Picking the right gift is a brilliant way to show how much these relationships mean to us.

Let's dive into some special and thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to make you stand out. These unique presents are perfect for your valuable clients, dedicated employees, and reliable partners.

People are gifting presents in the office at work

Personalized Executive Gift Sets

Nothing says "you're special" like a personalized gift. How about creating executive gift sets using premium advent calendars, and turning them into several beautifully arranged gift boxes?

Fill them with high-quality pens (like those from Montblanc), leather-bound notebooks (Moleskine is a great choice), and other office essentials.

Personalizing these items adds a touch of exclusivity and makes each recipient feel extra special. 

unboxed advent calendar

Wellness and Self-Care Kits

In today's fast-paced world, a bit of relaxation goes a long way.

Consider giving wellness kits with spa or massage gift cards for a stress-relieving experience. Or, put together self-care packages with aromatic candles (Rituals has a great variety), luxurious hand creams (Byredo or Jo Malone), soothing lip balms, and home fragrances (they say Dr.Vranjes is considered high-end, but we heard that ZARA Home fragrances are no worse!).

These gifts are perfect for encouraging a little self-pampering.

home fragrance and self-care kit

Coffee or Alcohol-Adjacent Treats

Know someone who loves their coffee or wine? Add a twist to their favorite drink with thoughtful accompaniments.

Include citrus garnishes, chocolates that pair well with wine (Swiss or Beligium chocolates are a classic choice), cheese assortments (have a look at gourmet gift baskets), cinnamon sweets for coffee aficionados, or unique cocktail garnish sticks.

Tailoring these treats to their favorite drink can make all the difference.

cocktail kit

Free-Time Fun Gifts

Encourage some downtime with gifts that provide relaxation and entertainment.

Board games that encourage interaction, like 'Catan' or 'Ticket to Ride', are great for creating fun moments. Or, for those who love cooking, how about a beautiful cookbook from renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson?

You can find these at your local bookstore or on Amazon.

family playing board games

Business-Friendly Gifts

Upgrade their office space with stylish yet functional desk accessories.

Think elegant desk organizers or sleek desk lamps – both practical and stylish. Ikea offers a great variety of classic and stylish options that merge utility with design, making their workspace more enjoyable.

functional desk accessories for the office

Hats and Scarf Sets for Winter Warmth

With winter upon us, cozy hats and scarves are a thoughtful gift.

They're not just practical, they add a touch of style too. Check out ronline shopping stores like Farfetch, they offer some great discounts right now, or local retailers for a more humble choice.

men gloves gift set

Tapni Digital Business Card

In the digital age, networking is crucial. The Tapni Digital Business Card is a modern solution for seamless contact sharing.

It's a contemporary and impressive gift, perfect for the digital world we live in. Since we've just mentioned personalisation is the key, you can also customize the card and tailor it to the person's style.

Choose wether the person you are gifting to prefers to have metal business card, bamboo one or classic. You can find all these innovative cards on the Tapni website, along with other NFC equipped products.

digital business card

Wrapping It Up

This holiday season, let's go beyond the usual and pick gifts that truly resonate. Whether it's for clients, team members, or partners, these unique and personalized gifts are sure to spread joy, warmth, and appreciation.

Happy Holidays and happy gifting!

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