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Revolutionize Networking with Tapni: The Ultimate Digital Business Card Solution

You can only improve what you can measure.

This statement is crucial for every business – enhancing and improving every segment of operations only happens if the entire company carefully analyzes results, feedback, and its previous performance. How can you improve something if you aren't sure or don't know the numbers and information behind certain results?

However, in business, the most important thing isn't numbers. But instead, what constitutes the core and heart of every successful company – successful individuals who create, drive, and improve successful teams. There's a saying: 'Your network is your net worth.'



your network is your net worth



We believe it's entirely accurate, and it will be equally essential for your business if you understand how acquaintances, contacts, and partnerships can improve your business and create crucial business connections.

This blog will explore the benefits of Tapni digital business cards and our management networking platform, Tapni For Business. These tools will equip your team with essential information and enhancements, aiding in forging business connections that promise significant long-term advantages to your operations.

Why do you need a digital business card?

You believe your business and team are always ready for innovative solutions and readily accept innovations in any industry relevant to your operations.

You like to try new things that you believe will be interesting to your team, and your colleagues will themselves understand the importance of a particular tool if they practically test it.

The importance of accelerating and improving the collection of contacts and business relationships and centralizing them in one place is something you’re perfectly aware of.

You are familiar with NFC technology and already use it for payments, office access, and similar purposes.

If all these are tenets of your company, then it's very likely that you are the ideal candidate for using Tapni's digital NFC products, and your team is more than fit to learn about the numerous capabilities of the Tapni For Business platform.

NFC Digital Business Card Tapni


For using Tapni digital business cards, you only need one single card.

Yes, you read that right.

Just one card.

What does that mean for you? It means to become a Tapni card user, you only need a single card, not hundreds of them. There's no need for additional card printing if, at some point, you change job positions or if your personal details change. Before, when you printed paper business cards, the norm was to place your name, phone number, email, company website, your job position, and the company logo on them.

The possibility of edits in such cases did not exist. If you changed your job position or if your company became part of some conglomerate or changed its domain, your company would have to reprint hundreds of business cards - just for you. Now imagine what that number is for the entire company. 

Do you know how such a detail can have a much bigger impact than you think? 

Here's the data to support that:

With Tapni card in your hands, you're already halfway to improving your networking in an entirely new way. You need just one more thing - the Tapni app.

You can install the Tapni app for free, both for iPhone and Android. You only need to connect the Tapni app and the Tapni card by simply scanning the QR code from the card. From that moment on, you can add, change, or delete links and data within the Tapni app at any time and any place. Whatever you do, it will immediately apply to your Tapni card (or any other Tapni product).

Changed your Instagram username? No problem, just modify the username for your Instagram account in the Tapni app.

Got a new website? Just set up a new custom link within your Tapni account.

Changed the company logo you own? Simply change the profile and cover photo of your Tapni account to fully align with your current branding.



Digital vs paper business cards

How can my team see the benefits of using Tapni?

All the mentioned possibilities are great for an individual user. Everyone can easily personalize their Tapni product, be it a card, sticker, keychain, standee, or bracelet. After installing the Tapni app, a simple QR code scan will establish a connection between the Tapni product and the app. This gives you a 100% flexibility, allowing you to change your data and links within the Tapni app in real-time.

One product, one app, one purchase - unlimited possibilities.

But what if someone wants to have all these possibilities and has an overview of networking their team or the entire company? How can someone know which team members are ideal for attending conferences, sales tasks, and collecting business contacts using paper business cards? 

These are the challenges they usually face with:

  • There's no analytics; 
  • lead gen is unknown; 
  • there's no overview of how many contacts have been collected, 
  • no information on how the other party most often contacts your team members. 
  • Did they follow up via phone number, email, or some social network (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)?

For all these possibilities, and much more, Tapni For Business comes into play.



Digital Business Cards fro teams and companies

Why did we create Tapni For Business?

Networking is based on plurality. It means knowing and working with different groups of people, constantly meeting new people, and gaining partnerships that can bring a positive turn to our business.

When you lead a team, the recipe for good management and leadership is to know your team. Its strengths and weaknesses, habits, capabilities, and to manage all these segments to achieve noticeable results and further motivate the people you lead and work with daily to achieve various business goals.

In the networking game, you need to know:

  • Who's the person who collects contacts the fastest and most efficiently, be it at conferences, various business events, or online?
  • Who has the charisma and courage to approach unfamiliar people who they know can be a potentially good lead?
  • Who in the team loves numbers and is motivated to repeatedly gain business acquaintances?
  • What contact information best suits the people your team members meet? What will they use first to contact your team after getting to know them?

How can Tapni For Business Help Your Team Improve Performance?

Tapni For Business platform will tell you:

  • Who in your team has the most connections?
  • Whose Tapni profile is most frequently visited?
  • Which contact information or link do others most often click when, through Tapni products/apps, your team members share contact details?
  • Who are the people your team members connect with (whether they are other Tapni users or not)?

If your team is exceptionally large (50, 100, 500, or more than 1,000 people), here's how Tapni For Business will help you:

  • Sort all users into different teams, e.g., By the country in which a particular branch of your company is located or by departments that exist within your company.
  • View a list of all active Tapni products, as well as to which user these products belong, when the product was activated, and the number of taps the user had.
  • Review each profile individually and see who has how many connections, which team within your company each user belongs to, and what permissions that user has, and how they can handle the information and profiles of the rest of the team.
  • Monitor in real-time how your colleagues' networking is progressing, who are currently at an event or conference - Tapni For Business enables you to monitor how each team member networks, who they connect with, how, and whether the created connection is a Tapni user or not.



Digital Business Cards Real-Time Analytics

Allow your team to have a unique Digital Business Card design in the Tapni app

Your team is not like any other. It successfully performs tasks, leads the company to a better position in the market, and nothing that this team does is ordinary.It's a unique team with a unique goal and unique possibilities.

So why shouldn't the Tapni profile itself be unique for such a team?

Enter the Profile Templates feature within the Tapni For Business dashboard.

Simply choose one of the existing templates within the company dashboard or create a new one. When creating a template, you can:

  • Assign a template name, allowing you to easily share the template by department, country, or any other essential criterion for you.
  • Enter the company logo and place it instead of the Tapni logo.
  • Choose a cover image for the template - set a texture or visual that vividly represents your brand.
  • Choose the background color of the template through the color picker or hex color - transfer the colors of your company's visual identity to the appearance of the profile in the Tapni app.
  • Choose the shape of your profile photo and the color of the frame around the image - the possibilities are endless.
  • Choose the text color of the biography part, as well as the color of the first and last names for the users of the template.
  • Set your links in a grid variant or as a vertical list; assign a color frame to all links, as well as a background color.
  • Decide how the contact exchange button will look? Do you want a rounded or square button? With a blue frame and navy letters? Or with a black frame and gray letters? Either way, Tapni gives you complete freedom of choice.
Free Digital Business Cards for Networking


You will always be able to create a new template, change an existing one, and it will immediately change for all users to whom it is assigned. Instant synchronization is another term for a template within the Tapni For Business platform.

Automations: Efficient workflow integration

Streamline processes and actions:

  • Formulate team or company-specific links.
  • Integrate with essential platforms such as Pipedrive, Zapier, and Salesforce, allowing automatic data exports and process triggers.


The Tapni For Business platform easily integrates with essential business tools:

  • SSO & Directory synchronization: Effortlessly sync with Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Slack, and more.
  • CRM integrations: Connect with leading CRM platforms including HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Analytics: Incorporate tracking with Meta Pixel and Google Analytics for deeper insights.


 Digital Business Cards Integrations

Which industries can see real benefits from using the Tapni For Business platform?

Imagine owning over 50 cafes in one of Europe's largest cities.

You care about motivating your team for success and providing the best possible service to the thousands of guests who visit your venues daily, for whom you strive to prepare the best possible coffee.

Satisfied and happy customers contribute to the growth of your business. Therefore, you want the good word about you to spread as quickly as possible, in as many places as possible, and every day new customers learn why your coffee is the best in town.

How can you easily do this with a direct Tapni link and the Tapni For Business platform?

Every waiter and waitress at your venue has a Tapni card, whose design is entirely tailored to your brand and its mission. As the administrator of the Tapni For Business platform for your cafes, you've set every card held by waiters and waitresses to have a direct link to the Google Review page.

Every time they serve guests or settle the bill, they can simply ask customers for a review and, by approaching the card to their phone, do it in just a few seconds. Customers will immediately open your Google Review page, and the link and profile visits of your team will grow daily.

You will have an overview of who collects reviews the fastest among your team members. That way, you will know who needs to be rewarded the most, how to design a bonus for the rest of the team, and how to motivate them all to collect as many ratings, ask as many customers for a review.

You become aware that by simply switching to Tapni digital business cards, you have entirely changed the way your team works, interacts with customers, and how you lead your team. The goal will be clear from now on, and you will know how to translate the analytics and feedback created for you by the Tapni For Business platform into clear, precise, and realized tasks.

Your team will become invincible, your ratings impeccable, and your results clearly visible. Guess who will benefit even more from this?

Your customers. Those who enable your business never to stop and who spread the good word about you. With Tapni's help, this possibility will be realized faster than ever before.


Tapni Team and Digital Business Cards demonstration

What’s next?

You've just read this blog, and you're aware that you've encountered technology that changes your business game. You realized how a simple change in networking can improve the performance of your team, your company, and allow you to become an industry leader.

Do you want to start using Tapni immediately and present the numerous benefits to your managers, colleagues, or acquaintances? Our Sales team is here to do all the work for you. Click on this link and reserve 15 minutes, which will be translated into unlimited, measurable, and visible benefits for your business. Are you ready for a networking revolution starting today?


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